Here, you can find research projects that I have worked in chronological order.

Projects in Academy

  • Toyota/Inria Project, (2017-?), Senior Researcher.
  • EU Project (European Union), 3rd Hand Robot, (2013-2017), Senior Researcher.
  • TÜBİTAK (Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Foundation), " 111E285", Hybrid Mapping and Scene Perception by Comparison Methodology for Multi-Robots, (2012-2013), Phd Student.
  • BAP (Scientific Research Projects), "5720", Different Perception Types and Sharing via Communication for MultiRobot Systems 2011-2012, Phd Student.
  • BAP (Scientific Research Projects), "09HA210D", Scene Recognition with Multi-Robots, 2009-2010, Phd Student.
  • TÜBİTAK "107M240", Scene Recognition, Navigation and Coordination on Mobile Robots based on Attention, (2007-2010), Phd Student.